The Pact


Whether you want to eat higher quality food, improve your health, or reach wellness goals, we want to help you rock it. There's nothing more primal than the search for food- and the freshest and most delicious finds are always at the top of the heap.

Clean food should taste great. PrimalRock Grocery hunts for clean label items, all thoroughly taste-tested and rigorously vetted by our professional chefs. We're not sacrificing cleanliness for taste, or taste for cleanliness.

Get ready to sink your teeth into REAL, TASTY, FOOD.

That's why the PrimalRock pact is to gather only the highest quality items with the very best taste. Our super-high standards work to weed out anything less than delectable and squeaky clean.

We invite you to join our movement, sink your teeth in, and let real food rule!