Food Standards

 PrimalRock GroceryHouse pledges to offer you conscious food items with only high quality, flavorful, real ingredients.

We review every product on our site to ensure it meets our high standards:


We do the hard work for you. Every label of every item that passes through our doors is checked. We review every detail-  the ingredients, the nutrition facts, the claims - all to make sure you know what you're eating and you can be proud of what you're eating. 

Our banned ingredients:

 Our big list of banned ingredients. We're keeping it clean.



PrimalRock GroceryHouse is dedicated in creating jobs across America in our communities. PrimalRock GroceryHouse works directly with Farms and PrimalRock Scavengers. This allows small businesses and farms to grow their farms comfortably while encouraging small businesses and farms to create jobs in their communities as they grow their businesses.

The goal is to revitalize our hurting rural and urban communities through the participation in the building of small and medium businesses and farms. We are doing this by improving our food standards and our offerings so that our Scavengers improve and become more unique and attractive to customers and future employees.

Because our suppliers (PrimalRock Scavengers) believe in the same missions, goals, and standards for their businesses, it is very easy to help these businesses grow through the guaranteed purchases from their farms and their production facilities.

We believe that amazing humans are rooted in the opportunities they are given that give them greater purpose. In our case, the purpose is better food, a better food chain, better positivity, better humans and a better planet. With such an incredible purpose shared amongst a group of people, positive change will happen for our communities and future generations.



We care about the animals that fed us. That's why our standards require humane and ethical treatment of all meat listed on our site.
Some of our requirements include:
1) All animals must be born, raised and processed in the United States of America
2) Beef is grass-fed and grass finished. 
3) Poultry, Pork, and Bison are all pasture raised. 
4) Animals are not and have never been treated with antibiotics.
5) Animals are not and have never been administered synthetic growth hormones.