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Selling Your Clean Label Product(s) on PrimalRock GroceryHouse

If you're interested in selling your clean label product on PrimalRock GroceryHouse, LLC, please complete the Vendor Interest Form. Please email with any questions or concerns.

    Our Clean Food Standards Experts will review your labels, product sources, certifications, and manufacturer or co-packer standards, and food claims to make sure your product align with the PrimalRock values.


    Upon acceptance into the PrimalRock Scavenger Incubator Program, PrimalRock GroceryHouse, LLC will work with you and your team to prepare marketing photography and videos around your products.

    We also offer review of current supply chains and co-packers to help expedite the process.

    PrimalRock GroceryHouse, LLC partners with GrownStrong FarmHouse, LLC, to connect our suppliers (Scavengers) to our fulfillment warehouses. This means our trucks pick up the pallets of your products and help you with distribution as well as delivery to our warehouse to the PrimalRock GroceryHouse, LLC Customers all over the United States.

    We value building relationships and partnerships with our PrimalRock Scavengers.



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    If you notice an error on our webstore, please email with your observations and corrections.

    We really appreciate our loyal and dedicated customers. PrimalRock thrives on feedback from our customers on our products and on our webstore. If you have feedback and are interested participating in helping us hunt for better food or advising on ways we can improve, please email

  with any and all feedback.


    Products for Wholesale

    If you interested in purchasing any of our brands on PrimalRock GroceryHouse, LLC at wholesale prices, please contact us at to set up a call about our wholesale pricing on bulk products.


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