New Year, Healthier You - Setting Yourself Up for Success

Happy 2022! We are so excited to continue bringing you content to lead you to the healthiest version of yourself this year! To kick off the new year strong, listen in to our newest Scavenge-ology episode or read along below.

Every year around January you get accustomed to seeing and hearing the tagline New Year, New You. However, I find this tagline inaccurate. You're not a new version of yourself. You're an older, wiser, and different version of yourself. Why would we want to start all over and not consider all of the previous year's accomplishments, lessons, and so on? This is why I believe in the tagline New Year, Healthier You. I believe this mindset sets us up for more success, realistic goals, and a strong year ahead. As always, when we say 'healthier' we aren't thinking of weighing less or working out more. We are talking about the whole deal. Physical health, mental health, emotional health, social health, and even further such as financial health. Let's jump in to some ways you can become a healthier version of yourself this year.

Physical Health- Eat well, and move your body!

Eating well doesn't mean you only consume salads. Moving your body doesn't mean CrossFit or a marathon. We simply mean paying attention to the foods you're putting into your body. Are you filling your plate with processed foods or veggies? Are you buying candy or lean protein? How are you showing your body love through the way you are fueling it? Check out some healthy stores, even online, like PrimalRock GroceryHouse for clean-eating options. Next, we should pay attention to how often we are getting active. Are we sitting on the couch after work or walking around the block? Are we waking up early to get a quick 20-minute workout in or hitting snooze then being sedentary all day? The little choices add up! Each season of life looks different, so your version of moving your body may be different from the next person. However, research shows the impact physical movement can have on our immunity and longevity. This makes it non-negotiable!

Physical Health and Mental Health- Get Quality Sleep

Sleep is so important to your physical and mental health! Research from the CDC explains how sleep has powerful effects on immune functioning. It is so important to maintain 7+ hours of regular, quality sleep to keep yourself healthy both mentally and physically! This may be hard in certain seasons of life, but do your best to catch up on those Zzz's and see how much better you feel!

Physical Health and Mental Health- Manage Stress Levels

Coming back to work or school at this time of year can be rough. After several weeks of rest, good food, and community it may feel daunting to have an overflowing inbox to get to. Maybe you're starting a new job, moving, or beginning a new semester of classes. Whatever it may be for you, stress takes a severe toll on our physical and mental health. This is why it is so important to learn stress management. Whether you decide to seek a counselor, talk to a loved one, start meditating, or something completely different... adding some stress management into your routine is sure to help keep your spirits up. What happens when a car runs out of gas? It stops. So take steps along the way to REFUEL yourself along the way.

Mental Health- Have Fun

This is something everyone should be in support of! Research shows us how having fun is healthy for our brains and mental health. Maybe you want to go golfing, on a hike, or even play a board game! Whatever is fun to you, can actually help you lead a longer, healthier life. Grab the Monopoly!

Mental Health- Learn Something New

Did you know you can literally alter the pathways in your brain? It's incredible! Take advantage of this by learning something new. Science shows us that each time we learn something new our brain forms new connections and neurons. This makes existing neural pathways stronger or weaker. 'Learning something new is often exciting for the learner. According to, novel experiences cause a rush of dopamine, which not only makes learning seem exciting but also makes you want to repeat the experience. Dopamine is also involved in experiences like love, addictive behaviors, and attention deficit disorder, among many other things.' It has never been easier to learn something new! YouTube, MasterClass, and other online sources whether free or paid have plenty of tutorials and courses from sewing to buying/selling stocks!

Mental Health and Emotional Health- Stop Scrolling

Social media, now more than ever, is a great tool for connection. However, excess use of social media can have negative effects on our mental health. Devices, such as iPhones, can now create a personal report of your usage of social media apps. These numbers can serve as a big wake-up call! Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your Timeline or Newsfeed, pick up a book or get outside. Don't allow excess use of social apps to become detrimental to your mental health!

Emotional Health- Stay Connected

Being a part of community is so important to our emotional health. During times like these, that can be a bit challenging. Whether you join an online group, Zoom with friends, or attend a church online it is crucial to remember not to isolate yourself in the midst of WFH life. Being a part of community increases our self of belonging, which is a huge part of staying emotionally healthy.

These are all great ways that you can become your healthiest self this year. Don't forget to set SMART goals. To make sure your goals or resolutions are clear and reachable, each one should be Specific (simple, sensible, significant), Measurable (meaningful, motivating), Achievable (agreed, attainable), Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based), Time bound (time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive). Check-in with yourself weekly, or even monthly, to be sure you're staying on track.

We are wishing you the happiest and healthiest year yet! Connect with us and let us know YOUR goals for the year!





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