Healthier For the Holidays - Staying Well Throughout a Busy Season

Happy Holidays, PrimalRock-stars! In our latest Scavenge-ology Podcast episode we talked about three ways you can get on track or stay on track through the hustle of the holidays.

With this being the busiest season of the year for most, it's no doubt that it can lead us off the deep end with our nutrition, mindset, or overall health. Does it have to be like this? We don't think so!

Here are three tips we have for enjoying this season while prioritizing mental and physical wellness:


1) Establish a Regular Morning Routine

Whether you're cozy in your home or staying with family, a morning routine is imperative to a successful and healthy season. This doesn't mean a 3-hour commitment is going to steal you away from the family fun. Even a simple 30-minute routine can be the fix you need! A morning routine should consist of 3 parts: mental health, physical health, and daily mindset/accomplishments. Meditation, prayer, journaling, or whatever centers you is a great way to kick off the day! A quick sweat session whether that is powerlifting or a brisk walk will get your body (and metabolism) moving for the day. Then, finish up by listing out the major accomplishments you need to work for that day. This can be accomplished in 30 minutes (by dividing each task into 10 minute sections on busy days) or an hour (maybe 10 minutes of journaling, a 30 minute workout, and 20 minutes to get set up for the day ahead). There are so many ways to make this work! It will cause a ripple of productivity and energy for the day ahead.

2) Act on the 80/20 Rule with Nutrition

Don't feel guilty for craving mom's famous cookies this season. Enjoy them! Only after you have committed yourself to making positive choices with your nutrition the other 80% of the time. This can look like weekdays being healthy choices, like natural foods and clean eating with weekends being the time to add on desserts or an alcoholic beverage! This can also look like each day features healthy choices as the main preference for food, but a couple nights of dessert a week. However you make this active in your life, remember that 80% clean and 20% fun is the way to stay balanced!

3) Practice Self-Development

Why wait for a resolution to start a healthy habit for your mindset? With increased time in the car or on a plane this season, check out ebooks, podcasts, or apps that promote a healthy mindset. We recommend leadership or self-development podcasts that make it easy to hit play and learn from experts to add to your collection of knowledge. Starting this soon rather than waiting, will put you way ahead on the way to your goals after the ball drops.


There are so many ways to increase your mental and physical health. The busy season of the holidays make this more difficult, but not impossible! We hope you enjoy this season and establish (or continue on) your journey to wellness!

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